Yonsei University


Yonsei University (by iweatherman@Flickr)

First established in 1885 as Korea’s first modern hospital "Gwanghyewon," Yonsei University has a proud history and reputation as a leading institution of higher education and cutting-edge research across all academic disciplines.

Yonsei has several campuses, and the veune of ASIALEX 2023 is Shinchon Campus located in western Seoul. As the main campus of Yonsei, Shinchon Campus houses antique buildings with a precious history of Yonsei, state-of-the-art modern architecture, and picturesque view of surrounding mountains.


Night View of Yonsei Street, Shinchon (by TFurban@Flickr)

Shinchon is the most representative college town in South Korea where several universities including Yonsei, Sogang, Ewha Women's, Gyeonggi, and Hongik are located. This area is full of interesting shops and restaurants and perfect for catching up with the new trends of Korea.